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Comprehensive Marketing for ECP’s

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Now is the time to leverage our latest technology

to succeed in today’s digital economy.

More about our comprehensive approach to Digital Marketing

Website Reconstruction
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Website Reconstruction

Your website is one of the most important assets your business owns. Like it or not, your website IS your brand and how new customers will perceive your business. Whether you’ve been in business for 30 years without a site, or have spent thousands of dollars on a new site, in either case, we’re going to take over and make sure your website is built out properly & converts visitors into patients.

The typical doctors’ website has 5 or 6 pages: Home, About Us, Services, Contact, and maybe a Patient Portal or Testimonials page. This is simply not enough to rise above your competition in local search rankings, as potential customers search many different keywords and many different service areas. If you want Google to position your website as the ideal match for those specific searches, we need to build out additional pages specifically targeting your key services and your target service area.

Here is our unique approach for such an important step. Our keyword research tool will narrow down the hundreds of different keyword combinations in each geographic area that someone might search looking for your services. We then build out a new page for each of your key services and optimize those pages with unique geographic qualifiers, telling Google that You are the ideal match for that service in that location. You don’t just offer eye exams; you offer Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma Treatment, Dry-Eye Treatment, Lasik & Refractive Surgery, Optical Services, and the list goes on. We make sure your most important keywords become high-performing webpages on your site, each optimized with the cities & sub-cities that you serve.

“Companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7x more leads than those with fewer than ten"  (HubSpot Statistics)

On-Page SEO
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On-Page SEO

On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the content and HTML source code of your website to be optimized.

We don’t want to bore you, so here’s a Fun Infographic from our friends at Backlinko, if you’re interested in learning more about On Page SEO.

We also want to make sure your site is COMPELLING and converts well, which means easy access and clear call-to-action that gets your customers to pick up the phone or send you an email. We don’t just want to give information… we want to engage customers.

Watch the Full Strategy Video at the top of this page for specific examples  

Link & Citation Building
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Link & Citation Building

Steps 1 and 2 are ONLY 25% of the battle. The other 75% is getting inbound links (your Internet popularity) to your home page and the targeted sub-pages of your site.

Another ‘Secret-Weapon’ we use to build your rankings is a web-tool that searches Google for your ideal keywords ie. ‘Eye Dr Hollywood FL’ ... and after we discover who is already in that number one / number two / number three organic spot, we’ll be able to see all of the back-links that helped that company earn such high ranking. We’ll then cross-reference those lists of links against your site to create a custom list of relevant locations where you should be. We then manually build-out all those new citations, which is tedious, but it’s a guaranteed way to get great results (shhh, it’s our little secret). LINK BUILDING is the single-most important activity in search engine optimization/placement.

We proactively claim your local directory listings on Google Places, Yahoo, Bing, City Search, Angie’s list, Brown Book, Hot Frog, Best of the Web and about 100 other very important local online directories. We build out your listings with consistent Name/Address/Phone (NAP) across all channels to create a consistent message to Google. We then create and distribute quality content (articles, blog posts, video, etc.) on your behalf, optimizing them all for top placement.

We’ll also submit you to all Major Data Aggregators. 
These are the directories that pretty much control the Local Search Ecosystem. This is where nearly every A.I. pulls data from; we’re talking Alexa… Google-Assistant … Hey Siri… etc… You need to be on as many of these as possible.

Google Map Optimization
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Google Maps Optimization

Getting you to rank #1-3 on Google MAPS is a major key to Local SEO.

Included with our Complete Marketing package is reputation management which includes software to notify us of any online mentions of your business across all platforms. We’ll also give you tips & tools to encourage more public conversations with your best customers which will really help boost your Google Map placement.  

Click Here to learn How To Claim Your ‘Google My Business’ Listing

We’ll also submit you to all Major Data Aggregators. 
These are the directories that pretty much control the Local Search Ecosystem. This is where nearly every A.I. pulls data from; we’re talking Alexa… Google-Assistant … Hey Siri… etc… You need to be on as many of these as possible.

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Publish Great Blog Content Regularly

If done right, your blog will provide customers & potential customers with interesting, relevant or useful information. When plugged into local or Industry-Specific directories, those back-links will help establish YOUR Business as an authority in your industry and local market. It also provides regular updates to your site, which Google Loves.

You Need A Great Blog… Watch This Quick Webinar To Learn WHY & HOW.

Social Media Marketing
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Social Media Marketing

When your customer hits the LIKE Button, they’re publicly telling their friends that they LIKE your service… and they’re giving you expressed permission to re-market to them for free. 

If done properly, this will generate more referrals and more repeat business, and we all know it’s cheaper to keep a client then to find a new one.
We have 2 options when it comes to your Social Media game plan.  
With our Complete Marketing Package, we’re going to give you access to our Members Only portfolio of Content that you can use for your Social Media posting however you wish.

Editable Images – Blog Posts – Share-Worthy Stories – Holiday Promotions, etc
With our Complete-PLUS package, which includes customization of all content to look like they’re exclusively Your Brands + full Social-Media Management & Content Syndication, We’re going to take over & manage your Social-Media for you. This includes properly setting up all your social profiles & posting relevant content regularly. This also includes Social-Media Contests & Sweepstakes, Refer-A-Friend campaigns, Facebook Ad creation, and of course reporting on everything that your Social Media is doing to help build your brand & boost your revenue.

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Have you ever noticed ads appearing all across the web after viewing a company’s site? Maybe their ad starts to pop-up on your Social Media, on YouTube Videos or even other news sites. That’s Re-targeting, also known as Remarketing, which involves tracking your website’s visitors using cookies and then displaying targeted ads across other sites. It’s pretty amazing & still very low cost to initiate since not a lot of companies are doing re-targeting…. But You Will!

Our re-targeting software partner has delivered over $245 Billion in online revenue with an average of 5x return on investment of ad spend. Ads will be displayed across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, AppNexus, OpenX, and 500+ leading networks and exchanges. We’ll make sure your ads are consistent with your branding & targeting the right customer at the right time.

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Pay Per Click Advertising


Let’s say you want to dominate Google NEXT WEEK. For more immediate R.O.I. & guaranteed placement for your most valuable Key Terms, we utilize Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. 

Here’s an analogy to help you understand the scope of PPC:  
Imagine you buy a billboard On the side of the road. That might cost you about $30,000 and that billboard doesn’t care who looks at it. Whoever drives down that road could possibly see your billboard. 
PPC is like having a billboard online that Pops Up, only when people search for your service … And the cost for that “impression” is nothing. The only time you’ll spend money is when someone sees your ad and then clicks to enter your website, and that will cost you about $2.60 per click on average. 

We put a significant amount of time into optimizing your PPC campaign to specifically target your ideal customers, in your geographic location, searching for specific phrases with purchase intent. We’ll use “negative keywords” to remove research-oriented Key-Phrases to focus more on search phrases that show higher purchase-intent to really maximize your spend on PPC as much as possible. You’ll start to see results within a week or two and continued improvement based on analytics reports. We’ve taken over clients’ PPC Campaigns and immediately saved them hundreds of dollars in wasted clicks.

Lead Tracking & Reporting
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Lead Tracking & Reporting

Think of lead tracking & reporting like your monthly profit and loss statement.

Every month, we’ll provide you with a full suite of reports breaking down nearly every metric in your digital marketing strategy into clear & easy to understand analytics. Our Director of Client Success, Nataly Maimon, (who happens to be an expert puzzle solver) will dissect your monthly progress report looking for key performance insights and outliers. We use these monthly progress reports as the benchmark for your continuous growth, to prove R.O.I. and to match new business leads to our online efforts.

Three of our important reporting tools include:

  •  Google Analytics Report
    (tells us everything about your web visitors, how many there are / where they came from / how long they stayed on your site / Where did they click from , etc) 

  •  Keyword Tracking Report 
    (tells us exactly where you rank for your most important keywords and how we’re improving each one of those in your Target Geography .

  •  Call Tracking Report 

If you wish, we can set-up a custom phone # on your site or other digital Ads that rings through to your phone & allows us to track the ROI of those particular Ad Groups. 

Stay Cutting Edge
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Stay Cutting Edge

Once we get your internet marketing right and boost your revenue, we’ll help advance your business automation and next level marketing, such as Chat-Bots, Proximity Marketing & SMS Campaigns.

Every month, we’ll provide you with a full suite of reports breaking down nearly every metric in your Digital Marketing strategy into clear & easy to understand analytics.

Let’s Get Started

We will get you TOP placement on Google for a majority of your eye care related keywords in your specific area, but we only work with ONE company in each city, so call us at 888.383.8362 before your competitor does.

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